Investments & Joint Ventures

At EXPONENTIAL we begin with identifying the right opportunity. Our endless search for the next project never ends, working closely with banks and agencies, to filter through a large number of properties, before selecting the right options for detailed due diligence.

We then create detailed financial models for every project, allowing us to accurately calculate the maximum acquisition price based on the risk adjusted level of returns.

Our competitive advantage:

  • We invested ourselves and have profound knowledge of the markets we are involved.
  • Objective assessment of the upside and downside potential.
  • In-depth financial models including discounted cash flows, development appraisals, sensitivity analysis and Monte Carlo simulations.
  • A margin of safety on entry price to provide protection against downside risks.
  • Detailed analysis of different options and scenarios.

EXPONENTIAL’s founders have been involved in many successful joint ventures and have achieved exceptional returns both for investors and partners.

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